Sourcing Materials in the Markets of Lima

Our team lives in Lima, Peru - the country's capital and a city of 9 million people. One of the benefits of living here (aside from the beautiful regions, amazing food, thriving cultures) is that we have ready access to fascinating, pulsing markets where one can find just about anything.  Gamarra is one of those markets, specifically known as the textile capital of Peru - booming with small factories producing baby clothes, tags, sheets, curtains, furniture; and stores selling clothes, ribbon, beads, embroidery; mixed with street food and people of all types from all over the country (and world).  There are pockets that are known for more traditional, all-natural items that are regionally representative and even a medicinal section where one can find bees, snakes and strange smelling-fruits claiming to be healing for a wide range of maladies.  You can buy a mannequin, a handmade pillow or shower curtains in one day. 

This last Saturday, our founder, Emily Green, travelled to Gamarra to seek inspiration in the development of Spring/Summer 2015.  Follow her as she negotiates and explores materials, even finding a new beautiful market bag for herself!!  

The vendors in Gamarra are incredibly resourceful - helping in the search for strange or hard-to-find materials - often taking you to the shop themselves! 

Beautiful flowers made of recycled materials

​Emily pondering the overwhelming choices!  One of hundreds of small speciality shops.  

​In Gamarra you can find a bit of EVERYTHING.  People from all over ​the country come here to sell, buy, trade and.....????

Emily Green with her new beautiful market bag!  These bags have been used for generations in Peru.  Now home for lunch!   ​


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