Our Materials: An Index

emiLime is committed to using all-natural materials as much as possible in our designs. This ensures that we are minimizing our environmental impact from start to finish. All the materials we use are grown or raised naturally and are biodegradable. Our materials are of extreme importance to us and we have selected everything we use based on its impact and where it is from. 

[A] Cotton

Called 'gamuza' by the Peruvians, meaning suede in Spanish because of its silky soft feel and brilliant lustre. The silky soft feel is a result of the excellent growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru where it is cultivated.

[B] Bull Horn

Also known as cacho de toro, t is processed all over Peru and used by artisans to make jewelry, belt buckles, and other adornments. When polished it creates a beautiful array of colors and does not scratch easily, making it a very durable and high-quality material.

[C] Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca is known worldwide for its strength, 
durability, and hypoallergenic qualities. It is an annually renewable resource and emiLime's alpaca roam free in the Peruvian Highlands until it is time for their yearly shearing. emiLime's sheep’s wool has a similar life cycle to alpaca. 

[D] Sheep Wool

emiLime's sheep’s wool has a similar life cycle to alpaca. Sheep’s wool is flexible, durable and 
renewable, and Emilime's wool is especially soft and of high quality.

[E] Color Variety

Alpaca and Sheeps Wool are able to absorb and retain vibrancy and richness of the colors we use.

[G] Wood 

When we use wood for our buttons, they are of high quality and carved by hand.

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Why is Alpaca So Warm? Glad You Asked!

We encounter a lot of the same questions throughout our product development, trade shows, and marketing of emiLime items. The major one is "I'm allergic to wool, will alpaca give me the same irritations?" Check out our recent post about Wool Allergies!

The second most popular question is "Why is alpaca wool warmer, or any different from other winter fibers?" 

To sum it up, alpaca fiber is hollow, allowing for better insulating capabilities. We can get into the nitty-gritty science of it all, but why use big fancy shmancy words when we have this info-graphic!

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the OPEN scarf and how to wear it

This scarf is one of our favorites. However, its also our most complex and versatile. 

The OPEN scarf is made of 100% sheep wool, loosely spun to leave 'open' spaces in the knit. We then added buttons across the length of the scarf that can be put through any space in the knit, allowing for ENDLESS possibilities! 


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